At Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore, you can expect state of the art medical care for your four-legged companions. We believe in nurturing the human-animal bond and creating a harmonious relationship between people and animals. You can expect to be greeted by a courteous receptionist, clean exam rooms, friendly doctors, and caring technicians. We appreciate the role we get to play in your pet’s health care.

Over your pet’s lifespan, there may be numerous times you seek veterinary care. It is important to understand a veterinarian’s expertise and purpose in your pet’s life. The following information offers insight regarding how we at the Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore could play an important role in your pet’s healthcare.

If your pet has recently had orthopedic surgery, our veterinarian and staff are trained to help minimize recovery time and maximize outcome. Through exercise and our variety of therapies, your pet will back on his/her feet in no time!

Whether your pet’s visit is for holistic treatments or for rehabilitation to treat a serious illness, your communication with the veterinarian is critical. You know your pet better than anyone else and spend ample time with your pet, enabling you to identify abnormal behavior. During your veterinary visit, conveying any irregularities to the vet will allow them to choose a diagnostic method that will best determine what is ailing your pet.

Prior to your pet’s veterinary appointment, you can create a list of any questions about your pet’s behavior, nutrition, or changes in your pet’s demeanor. The veterinarian is a trained expert in pet care and will be able to answer your questions during your visit. These questions may also direct the veterinarian towards minor problems that may be addressed with holistic therapies.

Establishing open communication with your veterinarian allows you to better understand your pet and their needs and grants your veterinarian essential insight into your pet’s behavior and potential illness.

If you have any questions or comments about how we can care for your pet, please contact us today at (410) 572-4266.